The Balkan Folk Violin book contains folk violin sheet music tunes from Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania. Each tune offers two kinds of notation:
1. One stave violin notation - this score version is suitable for learning the melody.
2. Score Arrangement - this score version offers melody (violin) stave, bass stave and harmony notation. It is recommended to play in a band or for instruments like accordion, guitar, etc., which need harmony notation. The ornamentations are notated precisely, as well as the violin solo improvisations are notated exactly as they are originally recorded on the audio track.
The Multitrack Audio CD offers up to four audio tracks for some of the tunes. You can listen to the original mix first, after that you can listen to the violin (melody) track only in very slow tempo to have an idea about the ornaments for instance. You can practice with the Arrangement track only in slow tempo or in medium tempo etc.
For example:
1. Praznichno Horo - Original Mix ( 165 Bpm )
2. Praznichno Horo - Violin track ( slow - 120 Bpm)
3. Praznichno Horo - Arrangement tracks ( slow 120 Bpm )
4. Praznichno Horo - Arrangement tracks ( Middle 145 Bpm )

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