Key Features

25 PDF Bulgarian Folk Music Scores.

PDF Embedded Audio Samples.

Professional Instrumental Arrangements.

Choir Material.

Bulgarian Ethnic Music Traditional Tunes.

Price: €38  

Bulgarian Folk Music PDF Scores

The tool is an attractive virtual book in Adobe Acrobat PDF format supporting both Mac and PC platforms. A Readme-first.htm document is placed in the main CD directory, so the user can easily learn how to operate and update to the last Acrobat Reader, and Apple Quicktime from the auto-links shown inside.

The Acrobat book contains 25 versatile scores which are fully navigated by bookmarks content. The bookmarks content is divided into chapters, a.g: Arrangements, Choir, Traditional tunes etc.

The most advanced features of this self-teaching tool are the embedded audio samples applied to every score. A small red speaker icon button is placed in the upper left corner of every score. Clicking it opens a small built-in audio player which appears as float to the upper right side of the score.
Note: Playing multimedia is only possible in the new Acrobat Reader versions.

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Продукта може да бъде закупен и изпратен по Еконт за клиенти, които са базирани в България. За справка на цена (в Лева) и поръчка изпратете Емайл.