"Folk Factory self-teaching tool Beta" is a versatile utility CD-rom, which brings the users into the world of the advance virtual teaching and technology. It has been designed for self-teaching on several instruments - (gadulka, tamboura and violin), singing section is available too.
This tool is an Autorun CD-rom (now for Win platforms only) - just insert the CD into your cd-rom drive and the main control interface will boot up at once. Navigation through the Main interface is so easy. For example, clicking the "Video tutorials" link will open a page where the user can choose between tamboura, gadulka, violin and singing sections. Clicking any of these section links will open the corresponding instrument/singing subpage, where the user will find various video demonstrations.
Clicking any of the "tune" buttons will open a built-in
Folk Factory video player which has an internal transport
palette with different navigation buttons, such as play,
pause, rewind and a fast skip slider as well. "Go back" and "Main menu" Main interface buttons help the user to surf through the CD-rom very fast.

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