Bulgarian Folk Music CD-ROM by Ivan Kovachev

The product is a versatile utility CD-ROM, which brings the users into the world of the advance virtual teaching and technology. It has been designed for self-teaching several instruments - (gadulka, tamboura and violin); there is also a singing section.
This tool is an Autorun CD-ROM (now for Win platforms only) - just insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and the main control interface will boot up at once. Navigation through the Main interface is so easy. For example, clicking the "Video tutorials" link will open a page where the user can choose from the tamboura, gadulka, violin and singing sections. Clicking any of these section links will open the corresponding instrument/singing subpage, where the user will find various video demonstrations.
Clicking any of the "tune" buttons will open a built-in Folk Factory video player which has an internal transport palette with different navigation buttons, such as play, pause, rewind as well as a fast skip slider. "Go back" and "Main menu" Main interface buttons help the user to surf through the CD-ROM very fast.

Price: €43

Key Features

Auto Run CD-Rom (Windows only). MacOSX users can browse the
CD-Rom using the Mac Finder.

Gadulka, Folk Violin, Tamboura and Singing Video Lessons.
The singing lessons come with a special voice detection Video presentation
where you can watch the voice pitch curve, ornamentation etc.

Scores for the music performed in the Video lessons.

Multi Track Songs. The toolkit comes with six Bulgarian folk songs
arranged for Solo Vocal, Accordion, Gadulka, Violin and Tamboura.
You can find a complete audio mixdown of a song as well as exported single
audio tracks for each Instrument included in the song arrangement.

Audio Library. The product comes with a large Bulgariaon Folklore Music
library, where you can find a rich MP3 collection of Chamber, Orchestral
and Solo performances produced by the Folk Factory studio.

Folk Factory ©

Alternative payment...

Продукта може да бъде закупен и изпратен по Еконт за клиенти, които са базирани в България. За справка на цена (в Лева) и поръчка изпратете Емайл.