Ivan Kovachev is a music producer, composer, teacher, studio engineer and software developer.
He began playing Gadulka and studying old national traditions at a very early age. Ivan Kovachev graduated from the Music School in Kotel after that took his MA in the Music Academy in Plovdiv. Ivan is a skilled master of Violin, Gadulka, Tamboura and Bouzouki, as well as many other instruments.

Folk Factory (www.folkfactory.com)

       In 2000 Ivan started developing his own software utilities and tools, founding his first company - Folk Factory. An example of this are his very first Bulgarian Folk music teaching tools called:
Folk Factory - self teaching tools. The tools include sheet music books, detailed video demonstrations, half tempo control, lots of scores and muti-track audio samples.

Folk Factory Professional Mobile Recording Studio

       The Folk Factory tools development requires high quality audio material, that's why Ivan founded the very first well equipped mobile Recording Studio in Bulgaria. The Folk Factory Studio is specialized mainly in recording Folk Music. For the last 15 years Ivan has recorded, mixed and mastered lots of CD labels and single productions of Folk Ensembles, Choirs, Bands and Solo performers, such as:
      • CHOIR of the National Music School (Bulgaria/Kotel) – “At Daybreak” CD 2006;
      • STRANDJA Folklore Ensemble – Grand Production TV recordings;
      • USMIFKA Female Choir (Denmark) – "Danjova Mama” CD 2010;
      • SEDJANKA Balkan Folk Band (Switzerland) – CD 2005; CD 2009; CD 2014;
      • GORANI Male Choir (Australia) – A few Songs;
      • Jechka Slaninkova (Bulgaria/Strandja region) – “Feelings from Strandja” CD 2004;
      • Galina Durmushliiska (Bulgaria/Dobrudja region) – A few Songs;
      • Radostina Kaneva (Bulgaria/Trace region) – A few Songs;
      • Katia Georgieva (Bulgaria/Strandja region) – “Georgiuva stara maika” CD 2008;
      • Toncho Minkov (Bulgaria/Trace region) – A few Songs;

The Masters Folk Music Seminars 2007-2008

      Ivan’s long-time Folk Music teaching experience came to a point when Ivan realized that he had to organize The Masters seminar series. The Masters’ mission was to outline the secrets of Bulgarian Folk Music mastership. To achieve optimum results Ivan invited the best Bulgarian Folk Virtuoso teachers: Peter Ralchev (Accordion); Nedialko Nedialkov (Kaval); Angel Dimitrov (Tamboura); Peyo Peev (Gadul-
ka); Valentin Penev (Clarinet/Sax) etc. The teachers’ team prepared special seminar books + CDs featuring Folk Music Instrumentals, Vocal, Harmonization and Improvisation lessons.

Audio Grocery (www.audiogrocery.com)

       In 2011 Ivan founded another company - Audio Grocery. That company is specialized in PRO Audio Software Development. The Audio Grocery mission is to develop Music Software products based on Bulgarian Folk Music traditions. Ivan Kovachev is the very first Music producer and programmer who develops and offers Bulgarian Voices & Orchestra Software Instruments on the world market.
The instrument patches included in these collections bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. Visit the Audio Grocery product links below to watch Demo Videos and get more info:
      • ORHEUS - Bulgarian Vox Trilogy (Choir/Vocal Software Instrument);
      • VOX De BULGARIA (Choir/Vocal Software Instrument);
      • TANGRA – Bulgarian Folk Orchestra (upcoming product);

       Sashka Chenkova is a Master folk singing teacher at Kotel Folk Music School and an assistant professor of folk singing at Shoumen University, a vigorous person who has been working hard for the preservation of musical traditions. A graduate of the Shiroka Lûka Music High School, Sashka received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Plovdiv Music Academy in “Folklore Instruments and Singing” and “Conducting and Musical Pedagogy”. Sashka is the author of a rich repertoire of folk songs and the founder and conductor of Abagar vocal quartet.
       Vocal Assisting Team members are native to various folk regions and will present authen-
tically different folk singing styles. Tania Georgieva presents the “Shopluk” (Western) style of singing. Dimitar Ivanov is a skilled “Strandja” (Eastern) folk style singer. Anina Angelova has specialized in “Severniashki” (Northern) and “Trakiiski” (Southern) singing folk region styles.

::::::::::::::   Ivan Kovachev (Multi Instrumentalist & Vocal Expert)  ::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Teachers   :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The classes will be taught by the famous multi instrumentalist, vocal expert and Folk Music self-teaching tools developer Ivan Kovachev. There will be an assisting vocal team led by Singing Master of the Kotel Folk Music school - Sashka Chenkova. The members of the vocal assisting team are native to various folk regions and will present authentically different folk singing styles.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Singing Experts Team   :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sashka Chenkova
Singing Master Teacher

Tania Georgieva
"Shopski" Style

Dimitar Ivanov
"Strandja" Style

          Anina Angelova
"Trakiiski/Severniashki" Styles

Praznichno Horo - Violin Mamaliga - Gadulka Deniovi Pletki - Tamboura Vlashko Horo - Violin
BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC WORKSHOP   •   August 10-15, 2015 in Koprivshtitsa