BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC WORKSHOP     August 10-15, 2015 in Koprivshtitsa

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Class Types   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Morning Group Classes (1 hour). The students will work with the corresponding Folk Factory Instrument or Singing teaching tool.
Afternoon Individual Classes (45min.). All students will gather in the workshop conference hall and practice individually the training material learned during the morning session.
Each student will get personal instructions from the teacher during the individual classes.
Ensemble extra class (1 hour). Ensemble class has been scheduled for experienced students. There will be two types of Ensemble classes: Instrumental and Choir. Both classes will be merged to perform some complex music material.

Koprivshtitsa Municipality invites Folk Factory workshop participants to take part in the concert to be held on August 15 (Uspenie Presvetia Bogoroditsi / Dormition of the Mother of God).


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Schedule   :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sunday, August 9, 2015 (last Festival day)

18.00 PM. All students must come to the Living Museum (open concert stage in the yard) for check-in and workshop presentation. Students will have an opportunity to meet each other, make final decisions on classes and get detailed information about the workshop organization.
Attendance is strongly recommended.

Daily Schedule August 10-15, 2015

Morning Group Classes

8.30 9.30 AM. Gadulka group class.

9.30 10.30 AM. Balkan Violin group class.

10.45 11.45 AM. Tamboura group class.

11.45 12.45 PM. Singing group class.

Afternoon Individual Classes

14.00 14.45 PM. Gadulka individual class.

15.00 15.45 PM. Balkan Violin individual class.

16.00 16.45 PM. Tamboura individual class.

17.00 17.45 PM. Singing class individual.

Ensemble Class

18.00 19.00 PM. Ensemble extra class.