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BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC WORKSHOP   •   August 10-15, 2015 in Koprivshtitsa

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   General Info   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Folk Factory 2015 workshop is an opportunity for learning Bulgarian Folk Instruments and Vocal styles in Koprivshtitsa (August 10-15, right after the Fest). The workshop will be hosted in a big conference hall of the Living Museum which is placed in the center of Koprivshtitsa.
There is an open concert stage in the Museum’s yard where the workshop participants can play and dance in the evenings.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Classes   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

There will be four types of classes: Gadulka, Balkan Folk Violin, Tamboura and Bulgarian Singing Styles (lecture & practice). No prior experience is necessary for traditional instruments and singing. The classes are adjusted (on-site) to the level of the students.

Note: If you are a multi instrumentalist or a singer who wants to learn, for example, Tamboura, you can attend more than one class. There are no additional fees.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   Teaching Tools   :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Folk Factory is a worldwide leading company which develops specially designed Bulgarian Folk Music training tools such as: Instruments Sheet Music Books + Multitrack CD; Score CD ROMs; Interactive Self-Teaching Multimedia CD ROMs; Singing Tools; Seminar Training Books featuring folk music harmony lessons; improvisation; music modes etc. Get more products info here.

Note: All full registered (for the entire workshop) participants will get a free training tool (Book+CD) and keep that toolkit after the workshop. The daily registered participants can use a Folk Factory educational tool (or get a printed copy of a given musical material) during the lessons.

::::::::::::::::::   Professional Studio Equipment   :::::::::::::::::::

The Folk Factory Professional Studio Equipment will be mounted in the workshop conference hall. The equipment will be used for showing audio and video demos included in the Folk Factory teaching tools. Kovachev “Bulgarian Singing Toolkit”, for example, presents various Bulgarian Folk singing styles recorded by some of the best Bulgarian singers who perform those styles authentically. The solo vocals are printed using a high technology method so you can see the vocal ornamentation curve and a detailed notation of the ornaments, read the lyrics and audition the audio in original or half tempo. This advanced method is intended to outline the mystery of the Bulgarian Voices.